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Ramsa Defense and Aviation, operating within Turalı Group, was established in 2016 to unite and coordinate the projects and activities of high-technology companies for the defense industry under a single roof.

The company develops and manufactures local, national, independent and unique high-tech products and subsystems for the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces.

Ramsa Defense Deputy General Manager Abdylla Orazgylyjov evaluated the Company's activities, 2027 projection and Eskeleton Project:

“As Turalı Group, we are a company operating in 7 sectors with 12 companies operating in 9 countries. Ramsa Defense is part of Turalı Group.

Ramsa Defense started its operations in 2016 and developed rapidly. The process started with our strategic cooperation agreement with the Ministry of National Defense. We are currently continuing our work with companies such as Aselsan, Roketsan and FNSS, which are subcontractors of the Turkish Armed Forces.

We have already started our adventure as a manufacturing company and are moving towards becoming a company that produces final products.

We currently have the Eskeleton project. We are developing a system that helps our soldiers carry infantry rifles or sniper rifles more ergonomically in residential areas. We made prototypes of this. We also have work at TÜBİTAK and especially on the university side. We now want to test this on our soldiers by prototyping it.

Our Eskeleton system can be used especially by our soldiers responsible for border security or in terrorist operations. The MPT rifle, which normally weighs 3.6 kg on a 30 km walk, starts to feel incredibly heavy on 8-10 km walks. For this reason, we are integrating the system attached to our soldiers' bodies so that they can carry their rifles more easily. We designed a system that allows them to carry this weapon more easily with one hand. The total weight of this system is 1.8 kg and it is machined from an entirely aluminum body. So this can be used in both sniper rifles and infantry rifles. This system provides incredible ergonomic comfort to our soldiers during very long marches.

It is a product that we produce with 100 percent of our own capital and domestic resources. Negotiations continue with our Presidency of Defense Industries. The prototype phase of our project is over and we are registering it with TUBITAK.

In terms of our products, we were a company that was more on the manufacturing side. In other words, we were a company that was more in the thick of business. We were in the defense industry sector as one of the companies that carry out sub-mechanical manufacturing of the large projects you see in the defense industry. We are a company that has just started to launch our own projects.

According to Turalı Group's 2027 defense industry projector, we want to cease being a manufacturing-oriented company and become one of the subsystem suppliers of companies such as ASELSAN and TEI. For example, we did an Eskeleton project, but we intend to work on an aircraft's aircraft arresting systems, aircraft landing gear, or the hydraulic system of a rocket launcher system by entering into a specific contract and cooperation with these companies. Of course, according to our 2027 projection, I also think that we will take steps into different projects with the guidance of the SSB and the guidance of valuable defense industry companies.”


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