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Industrialists Invest in Their Country!

Turalı Group, a member of OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA), operates in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, steel pipes, defense-aviation and hardware. Stating that they have investments in China, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey and Niger, General Coordinator Ramazan Güçikturalı emphasized that industrialists should invest more with what they earn.

ramsa ramazan gücükturalı

Stating that they export to nearly 70 countries, Güçlükturalı said, “If I can easily export, if my state provides me with this opportunity, there is only one thing I have to do as an industrialist; Investing my earnings in this country. Because in my opinion, the real meaning of industrialist is this: Industrialist does not invest in houses or land, he invests in his country, production and workers. "It continues the Ahi system." said.

Can we get to know you?

I first stepped into the industry as an apprentice at the age of 13. At that time, I was also interested in machines. I would try to fix broken televisions and atriums, and draw working systems in my school notebook. This interest developed and I decided on mechanical engineering as an undergraduate degree. Then, I reinforced my engineering knowledge with my master's degree in abstract mathematics and energy specialization at Hacettepe University. I am currently continuing my struggle as Turalı Group.


What did the apprenticeship give you?

Those who don't know how to give tea don't know how to ask for tea! Those who do not apprentice cannot become journeymen, and those who do not become journeymen cannot become masters. Those who do not practice mastery cannot manage a large business. All levels occur step by step. If you jump to the next stage without completing a stage, the experiences not gained in the intermediate stage will cause problems. In short, the apprenticeship taught me the basics of business life.

Until 5 years ago, I was the Turkey regional manager of two different companies in Germany and China. These two companies signed the merger agreement with my guidance at the Bauma Fair. After the merger of the two companies, I continued as Türkiye General Manager. Shortly after, I was offered a partnership and became the youngest partner of the firm. Towards the end of 2011, I decided to increase my share and had a say in the partnership. In 2014, the foundation of our company was laid. We have turned the system, which we started with one person in Turkey, into a system that now consists of 350 people and is growing day by day. We continue our activities in 6 different regions around the world.


In which areas does your company work?

Our company has an international partnership structure and operates in China, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey and Niger. We export to approximately 70 countries and we have production in 6 different sectors.


Our main sectors; Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment production and supply, metal steel pipe production and supply, machinery manufacturing, machining, bending, welding manufacturing and aviation-defense industry and industrial hardware supply.

We produce and supply fittings, hoses and equipment in our hydraulic and pneumatic field. Our Hydraulic Hose production center is Germany. We manufacture 5 million meters of hydraulic hose for our country annually. This figure reaches 18 million meters annually in our worldwide sales. In the hydraulic connection section, we manufacture 6 thousand types of standard fittings and 15 thousand types of fittings including special items. Our other productions in our hydraulic and pneumatic group include piston manufacturing, assembly machines and testing machines.


Our second sector is steel pipe and profile. We manufacture steel drawn pipes up to 300 mm in diameter and 40 mm wall thickness, and spiral welded pipes up to 4500 mm in diameter. Rolling bending and flange manufacturing are also among our activities.


Our third field is defense and aviation. Our youngest building named RAMSA is located in OSTİM. We have accomplished important work in a short time and we are expanding our manufacturing scale day by day.

We have nearly 100 patents in our company named TurMachinery. Here, we also manufacture special machinery and standard machinery. We design and manufacture machines to increase production efficiency. Currently, our machines are used in 25 countries around the world.

Our fifth sector is industrial hardware supply. We have an area of 10 thousand square meters in Istanbul. We are present in the majority of major projects in Turkey.


How do you evaluate the concepts of industrialism and entrepreneurship?

Industrialists are the enablers of self-sufficiency, which is the cornerstone of a country's independence. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is related to this definition and means starting from a brilliant business idea and becoming a part of the market by benefiting from the benefits of globalization. Especially around the world, we see that the brand values of companies founded by entrepreneurs who started with a small business idea exceed billions of dollars. In order for this to happen in our country, it is the responsibility of both us, the companies in the private sector, and our state to hold the hands of our bright and entrepreneurial young people. The Industry 4.0 era will be in the hands of these young people.


I think that our esteemed President has opened good doors for us on this path. I personally encountered the effects of this when I went to Africa and the Gulf countries for my job. Viewing our state with sympathy and respect offers us a great opportunity to create new job opportunities there or develop your business. If I gain ease of export, if my state provides me with this opportunity, there is only one thing I have to do as an industrialist; Investing my earnings in this country. Because in my opinion, the real meaning of industrialist is this; Industrialists do not invest in houses or land, they invest in their country, production and workers. He continues the Ahi system.


from public procurementwhat are you waiting for?

My expectation from public procurement is to minimize foreign purchases made by the public and to provide opportunities for domestic producers. I believe that there is nothing that our domestic producers cannot achieve with sufficient resources.


What does the state's preference for domestic products provide?

Domestic producers develop, and as they develop, their quality increases. As its quality increases, it becomes global. As it becomes global, it brings foreign currency to Turkey and exports increase. This increases the economic power of the country. It completely changes the balance. The issue that needs to be underlined in this regard is R&D and innovation. It is our duty to spend every day to improve ourselves in order to compete at the global level.


What are your goals?

We have 1, 5 and 10 year plans. After one year, we want to be the main supplier in projects in the defense industry, and after 5 years, we want to have at least two of our companies in the ISO Second 500 list. Where we want to reach as a result of our 10-year planning; To make our company a global brand and to be a leader in its sector. We continue to work tirelessly in line with these goals.


Do you have any advice for those who are considering entrepreneurship?

Be hardworking and improve your analytical thinking ability. Be brave and don't wait for opportunities to come your way. You create the opportunities.



OSTİM is one of the most important industrial regions of Turkey. Being in this region has made a great contribution to us. OSTİM is a huge store. You can find everything related to production in OSTİM. If you want to improve yourself in the field of production, you should definitely take part in OSTİM.



OSSA reveals the potential of OSTİM. Our cluster is the exact equivalent of the saying that unity is strength. OSSA has a serious say in every aspect of the defense industry and continues to develop day by day. The cluster guides us in parts that we cannot remember, cannot follow, or do not know the way to. We will be at ICDDA'18. We think that this event will open new avenues and collaborations for us.

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