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Defend Your Water

With the increasing global warming in recent years, a decrease in rainfall and a serious drought is predicted in 2021, especially in our country. Global demand for water has been increasing by approximately 1 percent each year since the 1980s. This means that 20 to 30 percent more water will be needed in 2050 compared to today.


17 countries, which host approximately one-fourth of the world's population, are faced with very high "water stress". According to research, 25 percent of the world's population is on the verge of a water crisis, and this rate is expected to be 60 percent in 2025. Protecting clean water resources such as lakes, dams, streams and groundwater and reducing the danger of drought, which increases every year; It depends on the economical use of all these water resources at home, in the workplace, in agriculture and industry, on the prevention of environmental disasters that pollute water, in short, on "water awareness". Using our water efficiently and correctly is the responsibility of the entire society and also protects our future.

As Ramsa Defense, we continue to work with all our strength by developing local and national technologies for the defense of our country and our soldiers. However, we believe that the defense of the country is not only about defense industry systems; we believe that the protection of all life and energy resources as a whole is of critical importance, and that each of our employees should embrace this by placing it in the company culture. In this context, the "Defend Your Water" project, which was launched to prevent future generations from facing the danger of dehydration by using water economically, which ensures the continuity of life on earth and is indispensable for our lives, and to contribute to the raising of a conscious generation in this field, aims to raise awareness about water resources and enable more effective water management within the company. We aim to create the model.


While we implement many water-saving practices within the company with our "Save Your Water" social responsibility project, we also aim to support Ramsa Defense employees and their families in increasing awareness of water saving and spreading it to the society through trainings to be organized to raise their awareness.

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