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Robotik Mühendisleri

Machinery Industry

TURMAK Machinery is a young company that aims at quality and discipline and is taking rapid steps towards becoming number one in its sector. With 40 years of experience and knowledge, it completed its installation in a short time, leaving its competitors behind and making great references that will introduce itself worldwide. Thanks to its high and developed R&D department, TURMAK Machinery, working with the latest technology machines and young minds, has always aimed to adapt to the times and remain dynamic. Thanks to its R&D studies, it achieves its aim of minimizing manpower in the factories it has established and will establish and increasing efficiency with its machines based entirely on electricity and automation, while at the same time manufacturing modern and aesthetic machines.


As TURMAK Machinery and Engineering, we offer a one-stop solution from design to concept, fabrication, installation and commissioning. Our engineers provide assistance during the design and prototyping phase by analyzing customer processes to optimize equipment for specific requirements. We can develop custom equipment from existing machines as well as rebuild equipment to deliver tremendous cost savings while maintaining a competitive advantage.


Our custom machines are integrated with the following control options:

  • PLC

  • MMI

  • CNC

  • manual control


Apart from our specially designed machines, the machine groups we serially manufacture and supply are;


Image by Mike Hindle
Image by Isis França

Our Product Groups

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Machines

Hydraulic Press Systems

Integrated Robotic Systems

Mining and Concrete Machinery

On-Vehicle Equipment

Metal Processing Machinery

Vehicle and Bus Washing Systems

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