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Metal Borular

Mechanical Equipment

TURVA produces flange, elbow, tee, reduction, cap and forged fitting materials for oil and natural gas lines, refinery and petrochemical facilities, purification and separation facilities, nuclear and electricity generation plants, dam and hydroelectric power plants projects, shipbuilding industry, defense and automotive industry. .


TURVA, which produces in the size range of DN 15 - DN 4000 in DIN, EN, JIS, ASME, ANSI, GOST and other norms, carries out project-based special manufacturing in line with the demands from its customers.


TURVA, which produces pipe fittings and fabrication at world standards and quality with its superior technology, is among the firsts in the sector and has been the choice of many companies in our country and abroad.


In addition to our production, we work with world-famous manufacturers on pumps, hydrophores, fire installations and insulation materials, and are among the few manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey and the world with a product range of more than 14,000 products with our expert engineering staff.

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Our Product Groups

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Pump and Hydrophore

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Insulation Materials

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