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International Trade

Turalı, an international trading company, has a staff of experts covering all aspects of import and export on behalf of its customers. Responsible for core operations and procedures, including locating brand representation as well as global markets.

"Turalı International Trade" company has been an important investment addition of "Turalı Group", which is known for its experience dating back to 1970, its versatile activities and its difference in many fields, since 2016, when it started its operations in Turkey.

Turalı International Trading specializes in exporting all types of goods and products from Turkey to all parts of the world, whether the goods are of its own production, produced for itself or other ready-made goods, it is characterized by the high professionalism of the company.

Image by Ian Taylor
Image by Patrick Campanale

We offer accurate product research, spectral price analysis, customs and tax activities and product quality control services for our valued customers in the developing world trade with our expert staff and the purchase and sales network we have established in both the Far East and Europe.

Our staff consists of professionals who are knowledgeable in their field, and the quality control of the products is carried out by local experts in Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea and India. The lack of trust experienced especially in the Far East has been calibrated thanks to our experts and you have been supported in purchasing products with professional agreements.

Sales consultancy services are provided for our companies whose production quality is at a high level in our country and which have greater goals of opening up to the world. With our expert staff, we carry out activities to ensure that your products and company reach the whole world and we aim to contribute to your brand value.

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